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Keith E Jameson OAM

Sydney Rowing Club (NSW)

Keith Edward Jameson has been a mainstay of the Sydney Rowing Club for many years including being their long serving President from 1997 to date. He was awarded the Club's Order of Merit in 1986, awarded life membership in 2001 and in the 2010 Australia Day Honours, received the Medal of the Order of Australia. An eight was named in his honour in 2018.

His devotion to Sydney Rowing Club and to rowing in general is exceptional. Regardless of the heady responsibilities of managing and maintaining the strong and vibrant Sydney Rowing Club business, he will always attend regattas, answer queries and solve problems, take pictures and generally support the rowers. There is universal respect for his work.

Keith at the Club's annual dinner

Naming of the Keith Jameson and the QL Deloitte

Keith joining in the celebrations at 2015 Henley Royal Regatta with the Club's Britannia Challenge Cup crew

The Club's website correctly states that: 

Keith’s continual service for Sydney Rowing Club has been through greatly changing times for the licensed club industry. During a period when many clubs have struggled, closed or amalgamated, Keith has been a tireless driver behind keeping Sydney Rowing Club strong and an important contributor to New South Wales Rowing both financially and competitively.

It is Keith’s long service to the Club that keeps the tradition and community of Sydney Rowing Club alive and his dedication to the sport in NSW and nationally makes him an asset to the wider rowing community.

The following article appeared in the Sydney Rowing Club 1985-86 annual report when Keith was awarded the Club's Order of Merit.

The Award of Order of Merit has been made to Keith Jameson. Keith joined the Club in 1962 having commenced rowing at Sydney High School. He rowed for the Club from 1962 to 1965 and later coached for the Club from 1966 to 1975.

Keith Jameson has always been ready to take on additional responsibilities and has served the Club in many executive capacities with distinction and achievement.

He was elected Vice Captain in 1968-69 and again in 1971-72. He served as Boatmaster from 1969 to 1971.

Keith was elected Captain of the Club in 1974-75.

He was elected a Director in 1979 and continues in that position. He currently serves on the Clubhouse and Finance Sub Committees. In all these positions Keith has given so much to the Club. His dedication, integrity, clear thinking and capacity to get things done efficiently and well are an example to us all. 

Whilst the Order of Merit is in recognition of services to the Club, mention should also be made here of Keith's service to the New South Wales Rowing Association. He was the Sydney Delegate from 1967 to 1972. He was Assistant Secretary of the NSWRA in 1972-73 and a member of the Management Committee in 1973-74.

Keith was Honorary Secretary of the NSWRA from 1977 to 1979 and all will remember his outstanding contribution as Honorary Treasurer of the NSWRA from 1979 to 1984.

It is to his great credit, and rowing and Sydney's great gain, that Keith has managed to fit all these activities in with his busy and just as dedicated family and business life. 

The Committee has no hesitation in awarding the Order of Merit to Keith Jameson.

Andrew Guerin
January 2022


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