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australian rowers profiles and history

Vicary Horniman

1902 onwards - NSW State Selector and active NSW umpire.

1912 - Olympic Games - general manager of the Australian team

Harry Gordon included the following passage on Vic Horniman in his book Australia and the Olympic Games:

The manager of the 26 strong Australasian team to Stockholm was Vicary Horniman, a Sydney militia civil servant who had served as a captain in the New South Wales militia until 1901, but had retained his army title and a military looking moustache.He was a keen rower, but not a distinguished one, and had been active as a starter, judge and umpire with the New South Wales Association. His appointment in March 1912 was one of the first joint actions of the newly formed Olympic councils; although Horniman was unopposed, A G de L Arnold, who acted as coordinating secretary for the various Olympic bodies, was diplomatic enough to clear the appointment personally with Basil Parkinson in Melbourne before announcing it.

The 1912 Australian Olympic Team - Vic Horniman in front row seated fifth from the right hand end.

Andrew Guerin
May 2020

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