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Gregory L Hayman

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Gregory Linton Hayman, 25 July 1970 - 25 October 1988

Brother of Brett & Joanne, son of Kerry Hayman.

Student member 1985/86—87/88 and passed away October 1988 age 18 years (leukemia)

There is a memorial trophy in his name in the trophy cabinet.

Best Club Person Award donated By Michael Grant

Wins recorded:-

1985 - Yarrawonga regatta, men’s intermediate pair (cox)

1985 - V R A Winter regatta, men’s novice pair (stroke)

1985 - Horsham regatta, men’s novice pair (stroke)

1988 photo in coxswain’s seat of a head of the Yarra crew

From the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club newsletter 'Yarra Yabbie' no29, 1988-12-20


Greg Hayman passed away after a long battle with leukaemia, A large number of members and friends attended Greg’s funeral at Diamond Valley. Our sympathy to Kerry, Joanne, Bret and family and many friends.

Greg joined the club as a coxswain, progressed to rower, was included in Victorian Junior Squad when he took ill in 1986.

From the 1988/89 Yarra Yarra Rowing Club annual report:-

GREG HAYMAN: born 25 July 1970 died 25 October 1988

Greg joined Yarra Yarra as a coxswain in 1984, He was quick to make his mark as a potential oarsman because of his interest in all aspects of club life, including steering and learning to row, and by his keenness to help promote the club.

He rowed in a number of events in 1985; at the end of that year his name began to come to prominence; first as a coxswain of the intermediate pair, comprising Chris Robinson and Colin Theobold which won at Yarrawonga, also as a stroke of the novice four which competed at all three of the Christmas regattas.

Greg stroked the novice pair to success at the first winter regatta in 1986, Bow was Mark Howe, cox was Bret Hayman, coach Leigh Gallacher, He was bow in the winning eight at the annual “Town & Country eights” in September of that year. In 1987 Greg joined the Victorian Junior Squad; at Horsham he stroked the novice pair to success with bow Mark Howe and cox Bret Hayman, coaches were Leigh Gallacher and Mark Brown.

Greg’s activities now began to be curtailed by his illness. Nerveless, his interest in the club’s affairs continued and he active in the shed as often as possible, taking out the practice scull when he could, Several spells in hospital began to take their toll but despite his adversity Greg continued to be a cheerfully committed club member. During a period of remission, in December 1987 at Yarrawonga Greg and Rob Goodyear rowed in the successful combination coxswain’s four. During a further period of remission, Greg worked hard at the 1988 YYRC regatta, making a great contribution to its success.

Despite his tremendous will to succeed and determination to live his life to the full, however, he was taken from us only a few days after the Yarra Yarra regatta. His funeral at St John’s Anglican Church, Diamond Creek followed on Friday 28 October on a beautifully early summer’s day. The church and the neighbouring hall were packed. A memorial service with the scattering of Greg’s ashes on the Yarra was held at the club on 20 May 1989, at which the speech of appreciation was made by Ron Mitchell.

Gone but not forgotten.

Jim Skidmore
June 2024

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