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australian rowers profiles and history

Stephen Hawkins OAM

Lindisfarne Rowing Club (TAS)

Stephen was described by Peter Antonie as one of the strongest rowers in Australia. In a sport dominated by very strong athletes, this was not a big story. But the fact that Stephen was so short makes it an interest comments - he was short even by lightweight rower standards.

The performance of Stephen and Peter Antonie at the 1992 Olympic Games in the Double Scull is legendary.  They raced superbly and as lightweights, were far smaller than their competitors.

It is without doubt, a highlight of Australian rowing not only as a result, but also that they gained and earned their selection. In many jurisdictions, such a combination might not have been given the opportunity. The coaches and selectors immediately knew that this was a superb combination which was of medal potential. Sadly only one coach could be appointed and Stephen's coach Tim McLaren was chosen over Peter's coach Brian Richardson. Perhaps it was Tim's sculling pedigree or that Brian could be better used in the team as the men's eight coach? Whatever the reason, it was one of the most difficult choices even made as both were excellent coaches and both wanted the task.

Peter Antonie (left) and Stephen Hawkins (right) after presentation of their Olympic Gold Medals at the Barcelona Games

1989 – Trans Tasman Juniors Men’s Scull

1989 – Interstate Men’s Sculling Championship – Race not conducted due to a cyclone.

1990 –Interstate Men’s Sculling Championship - Third

1990 – World Championships – Men’s Lightweight Quad stroke – Bronze

1991 – Interstate Men’s Sculling Championship - Third

1991 – World Championships – Men’s Lightweight Quad stroke - Gold

1992 – Interstate Men’s Sculling Championship - Fourth

1992 – Olympic Games – Men’s Double Scull bow – Gold

1993 – Interstate Men’s Sculling Championship - First

1993 – World Championships – Men’s Lightweight Single Scull – Silver

1994 – Interstate Men’s Sculling Championship - Second

1994 – World Championships – Men’s Lightweight Single Scull – Twelfth

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