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australian rowers profiles and history

A Roy Harbeck

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Albert Roy Harbeck was the brother of fellow Yarra member Arthur Harbeck

Information not available on Roy’s club membership or regatta wins due to lost records.

However the club has photos from Arthur Harbeck’s album which show Roy as a Yarra competitor.

Sadly both Roy and his brother Arthur both died in action in WWI. Roy enlisted on 21st February 1916 well after his brother's death in 1915. He was at the time of enlistment a farmer at Lakes Entrance.

Like his brother, he was a lightweight rower and 5' 8" tall.

He served in 39th Battalion in 9t Field Ambulance in France and was obviously good being promoted in the field through to sergeant in 1917.

This was still a highly risky business and he was wounded with minor wounds on at two occasion before being shot in the head in May 1917. He died of his wounds the next day.

1910 Seymour regatta club members gathered in front of tent Arthur at bock on right hand end

1910 Seymour regatta crew members assembled on bank Roy standing at rear on left next to Arthur 

1910 photo Roy on left with Arthur Seymour regatta

1910 maiden four Roy second from left Arthur forth from left Seymour regatta

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