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australian rowers profiles and history

Michael Hamilton

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Husband to fellow member Michelle and brother to fellow club member Anthony.

Mike joined Yarra in 1987/88 season as an active member

1988/89 Vice-Captain

1989/90 to 1992/93 Captain

1993/94 to 1998/99 President

1999/2000 Vice President to 2001/02

2002/03 made a life member for his services to the club.

Wins recorded:-

1987 - Horsham regattanovice scull

1987 - Nagambie regatta, novice scull

1988 - Yarrawonga regatta, novice scull

1988 - Victorian universities regatta, novice four (stroke)

1988 - Banks regatta, novice four (stroke)

1988 - Footscray regatta, novice pair (stroke)

1988 - Essendon ladies regatta, novice pair (stroke)

1988 - Yarra Yarra regatta, intermediate pair (stroke)

1988 - Melbourne regatta, intermediate pair (stroke)

1988 - Wendouree Ballarat regatta, intermediate pair (stroke)

1988 - Hamilton regatta, intermediate pair (stroke)

1988 - Warrnambool regatta, Intermediate pair (stroke)

1988 - Colac regatta, intermediate pair (stroke)

1988 - V R A championships, novice eight (3)

1988 - Yarrawonga regatta, novice eight (4) and Lightweight senior pair (stroke)

1989 - Victorian university’s regatta, intermediate four (stroke)

1989 - Scotch Mercantile regatta, intermediate four (stroke)

1989 - Henley regatta, intermediate four (stroke)

1989 - YWCA regatta, intermediate four (stroke)

1989 - Barwon regatta, lightweight senior four (stroke)

1989 - Footscray regatta, Lightweight senior pair (stroke)

1989 - Mildura regatta, Lightweight senior pair (stroke), Lightweight senior scull and Senior four (stroke)

1989 - Wentworth regatta, Lightweight senior pair (stroke)

1990 - Rutherglen regatta, novice eight (4)

1990 - Ballarat regatta, female novice scull (coach) and Female intermediate four (coach)

1990 - Banks regatta, Female intermediate four (coach)

1991 - Footscray regatta, male novice four (coach)

1991 - Henley regatta, male novice four (coach)

1991 - Barwon regatta, women’s senior four (coach)

1991 - Wendouree Ballarat regatta, male novice four (coach)

1991 - Dimboola regatta, male intermediate four (coach)

1991 - Horsham regatta, male intermediate four (coach)

1991 - Upper Yarra regatta, male novice eight (coach)

1991 - V R A championships regatta, male novice eight (coach)

1992 - Footscray regatta, male intermediate four (coach)

1992 - Mildura regatta, men’s lightweight intermediate scull

1993 - Dimboola regatta, women’s intermediate four (coach)

1993 - Ballarat regatta, women’s intermediate four (coach)

1993 - Colac regatta, women’s intermediate four (coach) and Women’s senior pair minus cox (coach)

1991 Henley regatta men’s senior “C” lightweight four Mike fourth from the left holding the cup.

From the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club nesletter 'Yarra yabbie' 1997-8-20

We congratulate our president Michael Hamilton for having a pair named after him. Mike is a champion rower, a committee man, captain, president, coach and Victorian selector. –Well done. (His wife ‘Mich’ did a great job with the hammer.)

1997 boat christening “Michael Hamilton” wife Michelle doing the honours.

Jim Skidmore
June 2024

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