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australian rowers profiles and history

M C (George) Gullock

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

There is no record of George winning races.

He joined in the 1950/51 season as an associate member. Soon he became active in the club administration.

1951/52 & 52/53 seasons a committee member, 

1956/57 season made a life member, Passed away 1961/62 season 

1959 a tub pair with the name “George Gullock” was named in his honour.

From the 1961/62 annual report:-

We deeply regret and record the passing of Mr M C (George) Gullock, a life member of Yarra Yarra Rowing Club.

George who passed away last year, was a great clubman who assisted the club in many ways over the pears and we have suffered a severe loss by his passing.

Jim Skidmore
June 2024

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