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Robert Glover

Yarr Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Brother to D J Glover possible related to T Glover

Member of his club from 1970-75  with no recorded wins.

From the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club newsletter Yarra Yabbie no 62 May 2021

Excerpt from email by Robert Glover former student and junior member.

I wish to offer congratulations on the upcoming 150th anniversary of Yarra Yarra Rowing Club. I am Robert Glover, a past student and junior member of YYRC. I was present at the centenary dinner as a junior member.

As a year 10 student at Frankston High school, I responded to a notification to try out rowing with Yarra Yarra Rowing Club I remember attended on a Sunday morning and my first experience in a Tub was with a member named Robert Mann, I was immediately captivated by rowing and decided that I would be back for more. The first race I participated in was at Lake Edwards racing in a tub pair, I soon graduated from a tub into a coxed four but a race win was elusive and continued to elude our crew my time at YYRC.

I particularly enjoyed Sunday mornings at the club when many older members would attend for a casual row and I was sometimes pressured into service to make up the numbers so the Veterans could get out on the water and wet an oar. The day finished with tasty cheese cubes and beer (from the Keg) when the club bar opened at 1pm- and if I remember correctly the liquor licence was for 2 hours only to 3pm.

It was on Wednesday evenings that my boat’s crew got out for training. In the warmer weather and milder months it was a particularly special place on the water.

When darkness fell, with the neighbouring club’s boats (each with a kerosene lantern perched on the bow cover), we silently glided past each other through the bridge arches, the reflections of the city’s lights dancing on ripples we created.

Wonderful memories indeed,

1972 was YYRC’s centenary year. There was a Centenary dinner which was held at the Danish Club. A desire was expressed for a memento that members could proudly wear during the centenary year. I suggested tee shirts, and if the club bought them I would screen print them.

A workmate of mine created artwork from the club badge design. I carefully hand cut a stencil mask to apply to the print screen. With my mother helping, we hand printed all the shirts at home on the kitchen table – dark blue ink onto red coloured shirts. For two days every available flat surface in our home was draped with red T shirts whilst they dried.

I do hope one of the shirts has survived to the present and is amongst the club’s memorabilia collection.

Now I think of it, I never did purchase one for myself, although happily I do still have my club rowing singlet to remember my time at YYRC.

Kind regards, Robert Glover

Jim Skidmore
June 2024

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