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australian rowers profiles and history

Arthur Gibb

Ballarat City Rowing Club (VIC) 

Arthur Gibbs was the gun stroke of Ballarat City Rowing Club from 1875-1885. For over a decade he, along with club Captain and coach, Peter Cazaly, were instrumental in all the successes of the club.

He stroked the Senior four that won three times at Barwon Regatta in 1876, 1878 and 1879, securing the Barwon Grand Challenge Cup for the club.

He was in the club’s first winning Senior eight at Ballarat Regatta in 1875, the first eights race to be held on Lake Wendouree.

He also won Maiden, Junior and Senior Sculls. At Ballarat Regatta he won three races Maiden and Junior sculls and was stroke of the winning Senior four for the Sunbury Cup.

He served on the committee for several years. He is the only Ballarat City rower to win Senior eights, fours and sculls.

His wins:

1875 Senior gig, Melbourne Regatta-J.Stout, A.Gibbs,W.Crampton, Z.Giles

1875 Senior eight, Ballarat-W.Stout,T.Hughes,J.Hewitt,A.Gibbs,J.Stout,D.Lesells,W.Crampton,Z.Giles

1875 Senior four, Ballarat Regatta- J.Stout, A.Gibbs, W.Crampton, Z.Giles

1875 Senior gig, Barwon- J.Stout, A.Gibbs, W.Crampton, Z.Giles

1876 Senior four, Barwon-A.Brown, J.Fitzgerald, W.Crampton, A.Gibbs, cox; C.Miller

1876 Senior gig, Barwon- A.Brown, J.Fitzgerald, W.Crampton, A.Gibbs, cox; C.Miller

1878 Senior four, Barwon-W.Dawson, A.McNaughton, J.Fitzgerald, A.Gibbs, cox: P.Cazaly

1878  Maiden scull, Melbourne –A.Gibbs

1878 Any four oar, Colac- W.Dawson, A.McNaughton, J.Fitzgerald, A.Gibbs 

1879  Senior four, Ballarat- W.Dawson, F.Tregaskis , J.Fitzgerald, A.Gibbs  (Sunbury Cup)

1879 Junior scull, Ballarat-A.Gibbs

1879 Senior scull, Ballarat-A.Gibbs

1879  Senior four, Barwon- W.Dawson, F.Tregaskis , J.Fitzgerald, A.Gibbs,cox; P.Cazaly

1881 Senior four, Upper Yarra-A.Kortlang, A.Gibbs, J.Byrne, E.Baylee, cox: A.Wright

1882 Senior eight, Ballarat-A.Kortlang, J.Byrne, W.Trahar, A.McNaughton, A.Tapper, R.Jeffree, J.Fitzgerald, A.Gibbs, cox; A.Wright

1882 Maiden eight, Ballarat-J.Jamieson, A.Hollander, W.Trahar, J.Barnes, A.Gibbs, R.Jeffree, A.Tapper, A.McNaughton, cox; C.Baylee

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August 2021

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