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Gloria Gallacher

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Gloria is a Yarra Yarra trail blazer being their first woman member where she learnt to row, she initiated women's rowing at the club, and was the first woman life member of that club. 

Joined the club in 1983/84 season soon after the amalgamation of the men's and women's rowing associations. She raced in her initial season and the following one. 

Thereafter she was a very active member supporting the Club. Specifically she was very involved in the annual Yarra Yarra regatta. Also she was a keen photographer and supplied many club members with crew photos and many still adorn the club’s files.

Her extensive work was recognised in the 1990-91 season with Honorary life membership.

Gloria after receiving her life membership - second from right

Gloria was married to fellow Yarra Yarra member Lance Gallacher.

Naming the Gags and Gloria Gallacher

The following are some extracts from the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club newsletter known as Yarra Yabbie.

From Yarra Yabbie 1990-9-20

A great night was held at Dirty Dick’s on Friday 21st Sept. with a considerable attendance of members. ‘Gag’s Gallacher was crowned king for the night. With Gloria as his consort Gag’s slipped onto the role with aplomb and dispersed royal decrees with benevolent modesty. Bret was thrown in the stocks………many were lamenting that he wasn’t left there!!! Those members called up for the tongue twister, did just that…….twisted their tongues!!!

Plenty of good nourishing food and liquid to wash it down made it another Kerry Clegg function success.

Gloria stroking a scratch crew at Wentworth Regatta in 1989

From Yarra Yabbie no74 1999-7-20

Honouring our new life members.

This year’s AGM the presentation of two honorary life members to the clubs favourite ladies.

Gloria Gallacher was the first female member of Yarra Yarra. She joined the club over 15 years ago and initiated women’s rowing for the club. Gloria has been a strong force behind the commencement of the regatta stall and the format of the trophy presentation. We congratulate Gloria on being made an honorary life member.

Jim Skidmore
June 2024

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