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australian rowers profiles and history

Peter Ford

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Peter was an active member with his membership spanning from 1976/77 season until the 1989/90 season.

In addition to being an active coxswain and coach, he also served as social secretary in the 1980/81 season.

Wins include

1975 - Banks regatta, veteran four (cox)

1975 - Dimboola regatta, veteran four (cox)

1975 - Colac regatta, lightweight maiden four (cox)

1976 - V R A centenary regatta, novice four (cox)

1977 - V R A championship regatta, youth four (cox)

1979 - Scotch Mercantile regatta, maiden pair (cox)

1989 - Horsham regatta, men’s open pair (coach)

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