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australian rowers profiles and history

S Frederick Evans

Mosman Rowing Club (NSW)

Died 1961

Fred and his brother Ian "Longie" Evans commenced their rowing at Mosman Rowing Club by 1924. Both were good oarsmen and both represented their State in the King's Cup.

Fred continued on in the 1950s coaching for Mosman, and in particular coaching successful junior crews at a time when Mosman's successes were few. These crews contained his two boys, Stuart and Bruce.

1929 NSW King's Cup crew with Fred in the bow seat and his brother in the seven seat
Image from Red and White Hoops, One hundred years of Mosman Rowing Club, published by Jacobson Publishing Pty Ltd in 2011

In 1934 Fred married the famous women's rower and leader Rose Goodman and produced three children, Stuart was born in 1937, Bruce in 1939 and Susan in 1943. All were excellent rowers.

As the children grew up, Fred thought that "these two mongrels might row". Given that they would have to row at Mosman, the family moved to Mosman in 1952. Fred took up the bar manager role at the newly licensed Mosman Rowing Club and coached the boys. Some of their friends joined and by 1955, Fred coached Mosman's first championship winning crew in many years, a junior four. This then became a winning junior eight. 

Not to be left out, the rowing career of daughter Susan also flourished and she also became Captain of the Mosman's women's club.

By 1958, ill health plagued Fred and coaching had to cease. In 1961, whilst Bruce was racing in New Zealand, and shortly after Stuart suffered the loss of his right arm in a car accident, Fred died.

Some details:

1928 - Henley on Yarra, Grand Challenge Cup, bow - First

1928 - NSW Championship Eight, bow - First

1929 - NSW Championship Eight, bow - First

1929 ā€“ Interstate Menā€™s Eight Championship bow ā€“ first

1960- Interstate Championships, NSW Men's Selector

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