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australian rowers profiles and history

Philippa Devine

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Member 1988/89 - 2004/05

Committee 1990/9

Treasurer 1993/94

Vice-Captain 1994/95

Philippa Devine on the left in 2005 at the social function at the old YYRC boathouse

Wins recorded:-

1989 Upper Yarra regatta, women’s intermediate four (bow)

1990 Rutherglen regatta, women’s intermediate scull

1990 Essendon Ladies regatta, women’s youth four (stroke)

1990 Essendon Ladies regatta, Women’s intermediate four (stroke)

1990 Scotch Mercantile regatta, women’s youth four (stroke)

1990 Henley regatta, women’s youth four (stroke)

1990 Ballarat regatta, women’s youth four (stroke)

1991 Yarra Yarra regatta, women’s intermediate double scull (stroke)

1991 Barwon spring ding, women’s intermediate scull

1991 Barwon regatta, Women’s intermediate double scull (stroke)

1991 Upper Yarra regatta, Women’s senior four (3)

1991 Victorian championships, women’s senior “B” four (2)

1992 Victorian championships, Women’s champion under 23 four (stroke)

1992 Upper Yarra regatta, women’s open four (bow)

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