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australian rowers profiles and history

Edward (Ted) J Curtain

Leichhardt Rowing Club & Sydney Rowing Club (NSW)

Captain and later Patron of Leichhardt Rowing Club.  He was also a key person in the development of the rowing ergometers. John Harrison designed and Ted Curtain built the next generation of rowing ergometers following on from the Professor Cotton ergometers.

From the left: Geoff Williamson, Ted Curtain, Prof Cotton and Peter Evatt on early ergometers

Ted in the seven seat of the winning 1959 crew

Some details:

1956, 1957, 1958 & 1959 - Captain, Leichhardt Rowing Club

1957 – Men’s Interstate Eight Championship bow - Second

1958 – Men’s Interstate Eight Championship seven seat - Third

1959 – Men’s Interstate Eight Championship seven seat - First

1960 – Men’s Interstate Eight Championship emergency

1960 - Olympic Games - unofficial coach of Coxed Four

1962 - Life member of Leichhardt Rowing Club

1964 – Olympic Games – Grading Committee

1986 - Patron of Leichhardt Rowing Club

Andrew Guerin
July 2021

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