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australian rowers profiles and history

Arthur Crook

South Melbourne Rowing Club (VIC) now Albert Park South Melbourne Rowing Club (VIC)

Arthur Crook was a South Melbourne Rowing Club rower who also served in WWI.

His recorded wins prior to WWI were:

1913 - Sale Regatta, Lightweight Maiden Four, three seat - First

1913 - Bairnsdale Regatta, Lightweight Maiden Four, three seat - First

1915 - Ballarat Regatta, Men's Maiden Eight, seven seat - First 

Arthur was a butcher who lived in Dundas Street Albert Park when he enlisted in July 1915 aged nearly 28 years old. He was not a big man standing only 5 feet 5.5 inches tall and weighing only 10 stone.

He spent most of the war as a driver.

Andrew Guerin
July 2021


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