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Coe family

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

This club has been blessed with four generations from this one family.

Charles (Joe) Coe joined Yarra in 1930/31 moving from the Sandy Bay Rowing Club in Tasmania.

He had 2 sons:

Horace and Margaret had 4 children

All have been involved in the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club

With 4 generations of the Coe family at Yarra Yarra over more than 90 years, there have probably been more individuals involved than from any other family.

From the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club newsletter 'Yarra Yabbie' no 81 2000-10-20:

From the section Nuts Bolts and Thumbscrews:-

Several Yarra members helped celebrate Margaret Coe’s 70th birthday at Ivanhoe. The Coe family has a long and important association with the club. Joe Coe came from Sandy Bay Rowing Club, Tasmania in early 1930’s. In the 1940’s club numbers came very low due to the war. Our constitution stated that the club could be sold between financial members. Joe rallied around with his son Des and out voted the four shifty members. Joe and Des taught many rowers until H. (Dick) rowed until he joined the air fleet and crashed. He returned to Yarra to become a very successful coach and hold down many committee positions.

Dick’s children rowed at Melbourne High School before joining Yarra. David was in the four for the 1979-1980 seasons winning 19 races 2 seasons running. He also coached. Andy rowed ubtill he joined the Navy. Malcolm became a very successful lightweight rower before he joined Powerhouse and held every position in the club.

Jim Skidmore
June 2024

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