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australian rowers profiles and history

Des Coe

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Son of Joe Coe, Brother to Dick, uncle to Andrew, David, Malcolm, and Margaret brother in law to Margaret (senior).

There is no record of any regatta wins, however he was a key administrator of the club. He is credited with holding Yarra Yarra together just after WWII.

Joined and committee member 1944/45 - 1945/46

Secretary 1948/49 - 1952/53

Vice president 1953/54 - 1955/56

Died during the 1975/76 season.

Whilst as secretary Des compiled and published an early edition on the clubs formation and history.

His notes were followed up and added to thus making up the club's current history story. 

The 1950/51 Yarra Yarra Rowing Club annual report notes that he helped in the design of the club logo.

From the 1975/76 annual report:-

It is with deep regret we report the passing of Des Coe, who with his father Joe, was instrumental in holding Yarra Yarra together during and just after the war.

Des died after a long illness in June of this year and the family suffered added grief the death of his wife a week later.

To the family, we extend Yarra Yarra’s sincere condolences.

Jim Skidmore
June 2024

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