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David Coe

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

25 Dec 1955 - 15th August 2022

Brother to Andrew, Malcolm and Margaret son of Dick and Margaret Coe grandson of Joe Coe nephew to Des Coe.

David was a successful rower, coach and administrator of his club.

Joined Yarra in 1971/72 as a student member passed away 15/8/2022

Committee member 1976/77 also 1989-1991

Vice-captain 1979/80

Captain 1980/81

Remained a member till 1994/95 less time away with overseas work commitments. 

Wins included:-

1974 - University regatta maiden eight (3)

1978 - Metropolitan regatta maiden four (bow)

1978 - Dimboola regatta maiden eight (5)

1978 - Horsham regatta maiden eight (5)

1978 - V R A special regatta maiden eight (5)

1978 - V R A Metropolitan regatta maiden eight (5)

1978 - Nagambie regatta maiden four (bow)

1978 - Yarrawonga regattamaiden four (bow)

1979 - Rutherglen regattamaiden four (bow)

1979 - Henley on Maribyrnongjunior four (bow)

1979 - Henley regattajunior four (bow)

1979 - V R A sprint regattajunior four (2)

1979 - Metropolitan regattajunior four (2)

1979 - V. R. A. Melbourne special regattajunior four (2)

1979 - Wendouree regattajunior four (2)

1979 - Upper Yarra regattajunior four (2)

1979 - Yarrawonga regattajunior four (2)

1980 - Rutherglen regattajunior four (2)

1980 - Henley on Maribyrnongjunior four (2)

1980 - Colac regattajunior four (2)

1980 - Warrnambool regattajunior four (2)

1980 - Scotch Mercantile regattajunior four (2)

1980 - Mildura regattaopen four (2)

1989 - Yarra Yarra regattamen’s intermediate pair (coach)

1989 - Barwon spring ding regattamen’s intermediate pair (coach)

1989 - Wendouree Ballarat regattamen’s intermediate pair (coach)

1989 - Horsham regattamen’s intermediate pair (coach)

1990 - Victorian championship regattamen’s intermediate eight (coach)

1990 - Scotch Mercantile regattamen’s intermediate eight (coach)

1990 - Henley regattamen’s intermediate eight (coach)

1990 - YWCA regattamen’s intermediate four (coach)

1990 - Ballarat regattamen’s intermediate four (coach)

1990 - Banks regattamen’s senior “C” pair (coach) and Men’s intermediate four (coach)

1990 - Wentworth regattamen’s open eight (coach)

From the 1989/90 Yarra Yarra Rowing Club annual report:-

As part of the General comments:-

David Coe, eldest son of that famous Coe family, has been the club’s most successful coach at VRA regattas this season. His commitment to the overall success of the club has therefor been considerable it’s not easy to put in so much time on that bicycle when you are in the middle of your career and your young family needs their father. Your dedication is therefore all the more appreciated, David; thank you very much indeed.

From the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club newsletter 'Yarra Yabbie' no 70 August 2022

Vale David Coe 15/08/2022

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of past member David Coe, 15/08/2022.

David joined YYRC the season of 1971/72 as a student member, and represented YYRC at regattas and committee levels until the mid-1990.

David had many wins in the maiden fours and eights throughout the mid to late 1970’s, David sits bow seat in the picture.

We extend our condolences to the Coe family.

From the 2021/22 annual report:-

Vale David Coe

David Coe was a member of Yarra Yarra Rowing Club in the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s. His contribution to the club extended from competitive member in the early 1970’s to various committee levels and club coach in the 1990’s. David shared many wins in the maiden fours and eights with Yarra Yarra Rowing Club.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Coe family and friends.

1989 coach maiden pair Dimboola David on left

1990 Henley regatta maiden eight David in centre blue shirt

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June 2024

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