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australian rowers profiles and history

Arthur Cambridge

Sandhurst Rowing Club which merged with Bendigo Rowing Club (VIC)

1925 - Men's Interstate Sculling Championships - First
1926 - Men's Interstate Sculling Championships - Third
1927 - Men's Interstate Sculling Championships - Second
1928 - Men's Interstate Sculling Championships - Third

Arthur Cambridge was a sculler with the Sandhurst Rowing Club (later to be Bendigo Rowing Club) and one of the best to pass through the Club. Cambridge was a coach and also Captain of his Club. He died in 1955. He also devised and organised a cycling trip over the then rough roads to Sydney to compete in the NSW Championships in 1932. The idea of competing successfully after the ride was ludicrous but it brought sporting mates closer together and promoted the City of Bendigo.

Arthur Cambridge

Arthur Cambridge caught the attention of the Committee not because his performances outshone many others, but to represent the first elite rowers to come out of the Bendigo region and that he achieved this feat without the coaching available elsewhere and on an ornamental lake in Bendigo. He, along with Stanley McGorm, were trail blazers for the elite rowers of that region. He won the biggest race of his day in 1925 and coached others in Bendigo to win at the senior level. Cambridge won an Interstate Sculling Championship in 1925 and was unlucky in his other races. He was fouled in the 1926 race and was matched against the great Bobby Pearce in 1927 & 1928. He competed against Bobby Pearce in the 1927 test race for the 1928 Olympic Games. Some of the other successes of Arthur Cambridge were:-

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