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australian rowers profiles and history

Stan J Bulmer

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

5 February 1931 - 11 April 2020

Stan was a prolific winner for Yarra Yarra Rowing Club both as a coxswain, but more so as a lightweight rower. He also served on the Club's committee.

His membership spanned a number of decades from 1945 to 1980.

As an aside, he was the brother of fellow rower Ron and brother in law to fellow Yarra coxswain John Jenkinson.

The highlight of his illustrious and long career was being selected as a Victorian State Representative, emergency for the inaugural Penrith Cup in 1958 at the Interstate Championships, Penrith NSW. The Victorian crew was successful in the event, defeating NSW by three feet.

Stan joined YYRC as a coxswain at beginning of 1945/6 season and coxed the first YYRC crew to win a race after World War 2: a Novice Pair at VRA Regatta, Saturday 10th November 1945.

Stan steering his first win in a novice pair in 1945

He coxed a number of crews successfully and commenced competitive rowing in November 1949. His first rowing success was rowing bow in a lightweight pair in November 1949.

The following year he stroked a maiden four to victory at the VRA Regatta.

Stan’s rowing career extended for the lengthy period from 1949 to 1964.

He was successful in over 40 events, competing in crews at novice through to senior classifications.

YYRC won Victorian Lightweight Premierships for both 1956/57 and 1957/58 rowing seasons.

Stan was a member of successful YYRC State Championship crews during that period as  follows:

1956 - Victorian State Championships held 15/12/1956 over Lower Yarra 2000 metre course, lightweight coxed four won by YYRC, (Stan Bulmer in three seat) defeating South Melbourne RC by two and half lengths.

1958 - Victorian State Championships held 29th March 1958, lightweight eight won by YYRC, (Stan Bulmer in six seat)  defeating Barwon Rowing Club by four lengths.  

Stan in the six seat of his Victorian Championship lightweight eight in 1958

Selected Victorian State Representative - Emergency for LW4 - 1958 Inaugural Penrith Cup.

His last competitive event was in March 1968 as member of YYRC Head of Yarra Veteran 8 - Stan rowing in 6 seat. He was a very successful oarsman, extremely capable on both sides of the boat.

Stan served the club well. A tough, nuggety, never give up rower - active on Committee from 1951 to 1964  and was Vice Captain in 1953/4 season.

Wins recorded:-

1945/46 - Barwon regatta, novice four (cox)

1945/46 - Bairnsdale regatta, novice pair (cox)

1946/47 - Upper Yarra regatta, maiden four (cox)

1946/47 - Albert park regatta, maiden four (cox)

1946/47 - Barwon regatta, maiden pair (cox)

1947/48 - Colac regatta, junior pair (cox)

1947/48 - Bairnsdale regatta, junior pair (cox)

1948/49 - Sale regatta, maiden eight (cox)

1949 - V R A regatta, maiden lightweight four (bow)

1950 - Colac regatta, maiden lightweight four (bow)

1950 - V R A regatta, maiden four (stroke)

1951 - V R A regatta, junior eight (stroke)

1951 - Camperdown regatta, lightweight four (stroke)

1951 - Colac regatta, lightweight four (stroke) and Lightweight pair (stroke)

1952 - Warrnambool regatta, lightweight four (stroke)

1952 - Camperdown regatta, lightweight four (stroke)

1952 - Colac regatta,  lightweight four (stroke)

1953 - Nagambie regatta, lightweight pair (bow)

1954 - Colac regatta, lightweight pair (bow)

1954 - Camperdown regatta, lightweight pair (bow)

1954 - Upper Yarra regatta, lightweight pair (bow)

1954 - Ballarat regatta, lightweight four (stroke)

1954 - V R A regatta, lightweight pair (bow)

1954 - Nagambie regatta, junior four (3) and Junior pair (bow)

1955 - Colac regatta, junior four (3)

1955 - Camperdown regatta, junior four (3) and Junior pair (bow)

1955 - Upper Yarra regatta, lightweight four (3)

1956 - Victorian championships, lightweight four (3)

1957 - Barwon regatta, Lightweight eight (5)

1957 - Henley regatta, Lightweight eight (5)

1958 - Colac regatta, lightweight four ((3)

1958 - Barwon regatta, Lightweight eight (6)

1958 - Henley regatta, Lightweight eight (6)

1958 - Victorian championships, Lightweight eight (6)

1958 - Wentworth regatta, lightweight four (stroke)

1958 - Australian championships, lightweight four (reserve)

1958 - Nagambie regatta, lightweight four (stroke)

1959 - Yea regatta, senior four (bow)

1959 - Nagambie regatta, lightweight four (3)

1959 - Yarrawonga regatta, lightweight four (3)

1960 - Albert Park regatta, lightweight four (3) and Lightweight pair (bow)

1961 - Scotch Mercantile regatta, junior eight (7)

1963 - Ballarat regatta, Lightweight eight (stroke)

1963 - Henley regatta, Lightweight eight (stroke)

1963 - Barwon regatta, Lightweight eight (stroke)

1963 - Yarrawonga regatta, junior pair (stroke)

1964 - Rutherglen regatta, junior pair (stroke) and Lightweight four (stroke)

1968 - Metropolitan regatta, maiden four (coach)

1968 - Yarrawonga regatta, maiden four (coach)

From the 1957/58 Yarra Yarra Rowing Club annual report:-

The Australian lightweight four-oared championship was held for the first time, this event being conducted at Penrith on the same programme as the Kings Cup and Australian sculling title.

Victoria completed an excellent double by winning this event from New South Wales with Queensland third. It was pleasing to see the crew comprising of South Melbourne oarsmen – B Tanner, Bow; H Stevenson 2: G Taylor 3; L Gallacher, stroke; T Jones cox; with S Bulmer of Yarra Yarra emergency.

This is the first time since the 1890’s that Yarra has had a represented in the Australian championships.

From the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club newsletter the 'Yarra Yabbie' 22 April 2020

Vale Stan Bulmer

We are sad to hear of the death of Stan Bulmer on 11th April 2020. He joined as a coxswain in 1946 graduating to full membership until 1980. He spent a number of years on the committee, including a period as vice-captain.

Club historians Jim Skidmore and Peter Gill report that Stan was the most proficient coxswain during the 1946/47 season. He coxed the first YYRC crew at the VRA regatta, Saturday 10 November 1945.

John Jenkinson (with Jim Skidmore adding more race detail in June 2024)
April 2021

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