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australian rowers profiles and history

Lisa Brown

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Lisa joined Yarra in the 2004/05 season as a coxswain. Her coxing skills quickly developed and she became a national level coxswain.

In 2009, she coxed the Australian PR3 Coxed four, then known as the mixed LTA coxed four. She was awarded McVilly Pearce pin number 744 for this national representation.

In between her coxing work, Lisa served as the club's communications manager in the 2013-14 season.

Lisa has turned her great enthusiasm and rowing knowledge to umpiring and proving to be an excellent official. She has followed in the footsteps of her father Mark, also a Yarra member, as a rower and BRO.

2015 naming of the "Lisa Brown"

Wins included:-

2004/05- Midsummer regatta, female novice four (cox)

2004/05 - Yarra Yarra regatta  - female “B” quad scull (cox)

2005/06 - Barwon winter regatta, female novice four (cox)

2006 - Rutherglen regatta, female “C” four (cox) and Female “D” eight (cox)

2006 - Rutherglen sprint regatta, female “C” four (cox), Female “D” eight (cox) and Female “E” four (cox)

2006 - Barwon regatta , Female “D” eight (cox)

2006 - Geelong Rowing Association regatta, Female “D” eight (cox) and Female “C” four (cox)

2006/07 - Latrobe University regatta, female “D” eight (cox)

2006/07 - Yarra Yarra regatta, female “masters four (cox)

2007 - State championships, female “C” four (cox)

2007 - Footscray regatta, male “C” four (cox)

2007/08 - Nestles regatta, male “D” quad scull (cox)

2007/08 - Hamilton regatta, female “B” four (cox), Female “C” four (cox) and Male “D” four (cox)

2008 - Rutherglen regatta, female “A” quad scull (cox) and Female “B” quad scull (cox)

2008 - Rutherglen sprint regatta, Female “B” quad scull (cox)

2008 - Ballarat regatta, Female “B” quad scull (cox)

2008 - World Cup 1, Oberschleissheim/Munich, Germany, LTA 4+, cox - Fourth

2008/09 - Head of the Goulburn regatta, female “D” four (cox)

2008/09 - Albert Park South Melbourne regatta, female “C/D” four (cox)

2009 - Adaptive World Rowing Championships - Malta/Poznan, Poland, LTA 4+, cox - Sixth

2011/12 - State championships , male “D” four (cox)

2011/12 - Masters State championships, male “A-C” eight (cox)

2012/13 - Head of the Goulburn regatta, male masters Quad scull (cox)

2012-13 - Melbourne Head regatta, Female “C” four (cox)

2012/13 - Head of the Yarra, mixed masters eight (cox)

2013 - Wendouree Ballarat regatta, Female “C” four (cox)

2013 - Henley regatta, male masters four (cox) and Male “C” four (cox)

2013 - Footscray regatta, Female “D” quad scull (3)

2013 - Masters national championships, mixed masters “D” eight (cox)

2015  - A double scull was named in her honour

2020 - Obtained level 2 officials qualification

Coxing at the 2005 Yarra Yarra Regatta

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June 2024

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