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australian rowers profiles and history

Dave Bailey

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Club records for this period are very sparse from what we can gather his history states:- 

Committee member 1914/15, 1919/20, 1921/22----1926/27 

Vice-Captain 1915/16, 1916/17, 1920/21,

Captain 1917/18—1918/19 

Vice President 1930/31 remained as such till his passing.

He won a few club races but no regatta races that show on our records.

A tub pair named in his honour 1929/30 after the shed fire.

Dave Bailey pairs club races held 1933/34-----1937/38

1947/48 club race “Dave Bailey memorial pairs” was held.

It is believed he worked as a barber.

From the 1946/47 annual report:-

“We record with deep regret the passing of our esteemed vice president Mr Dave Bailey “

Jim Skidmore
August 2022

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