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australian rowers profiles and history

Thomas Alston

Yarra Yarra Rowing Club (VIC)

Born 18th June 1822 in Glasgow and died in Melbourne 25/12/1907 age 86.

There are no records of regatta or club race wins for Thomas Alston and so it is possible that he was not a rower.

Elected as Vice President in 1871 at the initial meeting to elect committee of the Early Closing Association Rowing Club, the original name of the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club. 

Vice President 1871 to 1880

President 1880 to 1882 

Patron 1882/1886 (the clubs first patron)

Founder of “Alston & Brown” a Melbourne drapery store. It was not uncommon for prominent business people to take on senior roles in both sporting and charitable entities. This may explain why no rowing records can be found of him.

During his life, he served as a director of many companies including the Australian Mutual Provident Society and the Perpetual Trustees Association.  At the time of his death was the chairman of directors of the London and Lancashire Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Mr Alston was also a member of the Deaf and Dumb Institution, and was a past president of the Alfred Hospital.

Jim Skidmore 
April 2022

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