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australian rowers profiles and history

Sir Charles A H L Abbott

Adelaide University Boat Club (SA)

1908 - University Championships - Men's Eight, two seat - Third

1909 - University Championships - Men's Eight, bow- Third

1910 - University Championships - Men's Eight, seven seat - First

1911 - University Championships - Men's Eight, seven seat - Third

1912 - University Championships - Men's Eight, stroke - Third

1920 - University Championships - Men's Eight, coach - First

The South Australian Library records the following summary of his life:

Sir Charles Arthur Hillas Lempriere Abbott was born 31 October 1889 at Wagga Wagga Hospital, the son of Doctor Charles Abbott and Susanna nee Beitsch. He died on 14 September 1960 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woodville, South Australia, aged 70. The Beitsch (Bitsch) family came to Sydney from Schriesheim Germany per Boomerang (ship) and Yarra Yarra (ship) in 1855. Sir Charles was a judge of the Supreme Court and also Attorney General. He also held positions as Minister of Education, Minister of Employment and Minister of Industry between 1944 and 1946. He was also Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of South Australia from 1950- 1959.

Additional information shows that he was educated at Trinity Sch., San Francisco, University of California and Adelaide University; returned from U.S.A. to Australia 1906, and then resided in Adelaide; admitted to the Bar, S.A., 1914.

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