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Australian Rowing History

2022 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxed Eight









1st Geelong Grammar - Q. Yates, S. Huon, C. Hamilton, R. Barber, A. Grylewicz, C. Paton, G. Walton, E. Pincott, c: Z. Dickinson

2nd Kinross Wolaroi - A. Gill, M. Lane, L. Searle, L. Scammell, A. Ryan, A. Woods, H. Richardson, G. Sweetapple, c: G. Robson

3rd Geelong Grammar - M. Naylor, A. Ward, P. a'Beckett, M. Hunt, A. D'Andrea, G. Forbes, L. Simpson, A. Cameron, c: E. Church

4th Loreto Kirribilli/Loreto Maryatville - C. Illman, M. Murray, D. Macolino, V. Binns, L. Howard, M. Damian, L. Moran, A. Fikkers, c: C. Gately

5th Firbank Grammar - A. Woodroffe, H. Dark, Z. White, E. Angus, O. McCarthy, G. Buckley, E. Gough, S. Scott, c: M. Irons

SCR Queenwood - P. Campbell, B. Lancaster, C. Botha, E. Cook, S.Williams-Bush, E. Stock, O. Dohnt, C. Driver, c: L. Anderson


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