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Australian Rowing History

2018 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Double Scull

Final A








Final A

1st Toowong - Bow: Lucy Hope, Str: Sophie Gerber, Cch: Andrew Gerber

2nd Uni Queensland/Rockhampton Gs - Bow: Grace Sypher [ROCKG], Str: Georgia Powell [UQBC], Cch: Richard Powell, Robin Fay

3rd Stuartholme - Bow: Sophia Tully, Str: Emma Tucker, Cch: Patrick Makeham, Matthew Marden

4th Huon - Bow: Katja Cook, Str: Katie King, Cch: Paul Newbon, Peter Shield, Peter Shield

5th Kentish - Bow: Sarah Haas, Str: Sarah Russell, Cch: Mark Stott, Graham Scattergood, Xanthea McCarthy

6th Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Bridget Yeomans, Str: Phoebe Lamph, Cch: Zak Lewis, Sinisa Kosarac, Gemma Crook

7th Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Isabella Scammell, Str: Freya Neville, Cch: Sinisa Kosarac, Zak Lewis

Scratched Canberra Girls Grammar - Bow: Alice Maxwell, Str: Harriet Wallace, Cch: Caroline Pijpers


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