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Australian Rowing History

2018 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Men's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st Sydney University-NSWIS - Bow: Marcus Britt, 2: Will O'Shannessy, 3: Andrew Judge, Str: Jack O'Brien, Cch: Donald McLachlan, Dustyn Butler

2nd UTS/Adelaide - Bow: Nick Lavery [UTS], 2: Paddy Holt [UTS], 3: Kane Grant [ADEL], Str: Zac Von Appen [UTS], Cch: Tim McLaren, Alex Field, Jason Lane

3rd Adelaide Composite-QAS - Bow: Nick Pettigrew [TOOW], 2: Adam Bakker [COMM], 3: Elliott Apel [TOOW], Str: Tim Santin [ADEL], Cch: Benjamin Southwell, Keiran Dwyer, Jason Lane

4th Mercantile/Banks-VIS - Bow: Jack Wheeler [BANKS], 2: Benjamin Canham [MERC], 3: Alexander Clarke [MERC], Str: Angus Maloney [MERC], Cch: David Pincus

5th Adelaide/St Peter'S College - Bow: James Price [ADEL], 2: Edward Badger [STPET], 3: Matthew Stamatas [ADEL], Str: Jack Korcz [ADEL], 


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