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Australian Rowing History

2015 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Men's Coxed Eight

Final A








Final A

1st Sydney University-NTCCBR/NSWIS - Bow: Andrew Judge, 2: Jack Cook, 3: Thomas Whitehead, 4: Alex Purnell, 5: Jack Hargreaves, 6: Jacob Bicknell, 7: Campbell Watts, Str: Nick Wheatley, Cox: William Raven, Cch: Mark Prater, Thomas Sacre

2nd Adelaide Uni Comp.-NTCCBR/Wais - Bow: Sam Marsh [SwanR], 2: Nicholas Eyres [UniWA], 3: Riley Lum [Phoenx], 4: Tom McTaggart [Commrcl], 5: Drew Clements [Adelde], 6: Alexander Hill [Adelde], 7: Nathan Bowden [Adelde], Str: Jed Nicolle [AdelU], Cox: Aleco Lanfranco [Adelde], Cch: Jarrad Schar

3rd Toowong/Commercial-QAS - Bow: Oliver Smith [Toow], 2: James Doring [Toow], 3: Hamish Parry [Toow], 4: Nick Pettigrew [Toow], 5: Darcy Wruck [Commrcl], 6: Harley Moore [Commrcl], 7: Daniel McCarthy [Toow], Str: Jack Armitage [Toow], Cox: Thomas McLellan [Commrcl], Cch: Tom Westgarth, Keiran Dwyer

4th Mercantile/Melbourne Uni - Bow: Dylan Curnow [Merc], 2: Charlie Dixon [MelbU], 3: Max Arundell [Merc], 4: David Fleming [Merc], 5: Tom Hunt [Merc], 6: Liam Donald [Merc], 7: Harrison Bongiorno [Merc], Str: Angus Widdicombe [Merc], Cox: Jordan King [Merc], Cch: John Saunders, David Pincus

5th Melbourne Uni - Bow: Christopher Gough, 2: Lachlan Webster, 3: James McCann, 4: William Smith, 5: Carter Dickinson, 6: Alistair Cunningham, 7: Max Rennie, Str: Adam Croxford, Cox: Tim Webster, Cch: Pete Kupcis, Edward Monteith

6th Mosman-NSWIS - Bow: Henry Lees, 2: Oliver Smith, 3: Robert Tucker, 4: Marcus Greene, 5: Michael Ritchie, 6: Zac Von Appen, 7: Callum Rossi, Str: Robert Black, Cox: Zara Dwyer, Cch: Matthias Ungemach, Nick Garratt

7th Adelaide Composite - Bow: Gareth McFadzean [Torrens], 2: Jack Deans [Scotch], 3: Billy Brigham [AdelU], 4: Hamish Goode [AdelU], 5: Jack Korcz [AdelU], 6: Jordarn Karpowicz [UnleyH], 7: Tyson Beauchamp [Adelde], Str: Tim Santin [Adelde], Cox: Sophie Terp [AdelU], Cch: Joshua Whitwell


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