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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxless Four

Final A









Final A

1st University Of Queensland - Bow: Tyler Ferris, 2: Kate Rowan, 3: Eloise Parker, Str: Miller Ferris, Cch: Jirik Haselgrove

2nd Queenwood - Bow: Georgia Dee, 2: Anna Neville, 3: Gillian Horne, Str: Rafaela Stalph, Cch: Richard Coakley, Adam de Koning

3rd Adelaide Composite - Bow: Mariah Hatchard [NorwdMori], 2: Lucy Triggs [Seymour], 3: Joyce Jollands [Adelde], Str: Georgia Day [Adelde], Cch: Jarrad Schar

4th St Margarets - Bow: Ellie Strahley, 2: Maddie Southall, 3: Victoria Lisle, Str: Bronte Thompson, Cch: Tony Elliot, Jono Voller

5th Genazzano - Bow: Ciara O'Keeffe, 2: Gemma Sibillin, 3: Sophia Bendall, Str: Emma Lincoln, Cch: Brigette Carlile, Alice Dowell

6th Toowong - Bow: Hannah Norris, 2: Mimi Ballinger, 3: Emma Vollert, Str: Josephine Theile, Cch: Daniel Boddice

7th Genazzano - Bow: Ciara Ward, 2: Stephanie Gleeson, 3: Chloe Becerra, Str: Ciara Jackson, Cch: Brigette Carlile, Alice Dowell

8th Commercial/Toowong - Bow: Jess Pagden [Toow], 2: Alex Dennis [Commrcl], 3: Ane Botha [Commrcl], Str: Audrey van Herwaarden [Commrcl]


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