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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Under 21 Women's Coxed Four

Final A






Final A

1st Mercantile - Bow: Rachel Engel, 2: Sophie Coltman, 3: Emily Biasotto, Str: Olivia Sibillin, Cox: Charlotte Lawrence, Cch: David McGrath, David Colvin

2nd Melbourne Uni - Bow: Rachael Caldwell, 2: Pepita Hosking, 3: Claudia Zucchelli, Str: Katherine Michelmore, Cox: Camilla Phillips, Cch: Michael Steele

3rd Adelaide - Bow: Georgia Day, 2: Georja Osborne, 3: Alexandra Fry, Str: Hannah Jury, Cox: Jordan Schiller

4th Leichhardt - Bow: Adalita Young, 2: Maine-Maryam Monga, 3: Gemma Viney, Str: Bette Wong, Cox: Xanthe Young, Cch: Kerry Thorn

5th St George - Bow: Lisa Matthews, 2: Laura McGrath, 3: Ellyn Featherstone, Str: Abbey Featherstone, Cox: Lilly Featherstone, Cch: Mark Featherstone


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