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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Open Women's Coxless Four

Final A







Final A

1st California - Bow: Cara Bohmann, 2: Jacinta Edmunds, 3: Inger Kavlie, Str: Papa Hipango, Cch: Dave O'Neill

2nd Western Australia Comp.-WAIS/.. - Bow: Kate Hornsey [Merc], 2: Peta White [AdelU], 3: Sophie Sutherland [Merc], Str: Hannah Vermeersch [WA], Cch: Mark Fangen-Hall, Lincoln Handley

3rd Mosman-NSWIS - Bow: Coco Bryant, 2: Amy Clay, 3: Jessie Allen, Str: Genevieve Horton, Cch: Alfie Young

4th Commercial/Brisbane & GPS - Bow: Christine Taylor [Commrcl], 2: Fleur Spriggs [Commrcl], 3: Olivia Brusasco [BGPS], Str: Charlotte Travers [Commrcl]

5th Swan River/University Of Wa - Bow: Rebecca Smith [UniWA], 2: Ashlea Harvey [UniWA], 3: Megan Bagworth [SwanR], Str: Amanda Rukuwai [SwanR] 

6th UTS - Bow: Elizabeth Halsall, 2: Kelly Parker, 3: Laura Honson, Str: Monique Heinke, Cch: David Gely, Ellen Randell


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