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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Men's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A









Final A

1st Corio Bay Composite - Bow: Nathan Leckie [Nagamb], 2: Bradley Pearsall [Corowa], 3: Ned Coleman [Hawthrn], Str: Cameron Foreman [Corio], Cox: Thomas Whitechurch [Corowa], Cch: Dick Garrard

2nd Nudgee - Bow: Ewan Van Rensburg, 2: Justin Greenhalgh, 3: Declan Comerford, Str: Liam Stewart-Smith, Cox: Cody Ross, Cch: Peer Richards

3rd Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Joe Yeomans, 2: Hamish Ellis-Peck, 3: Nick Filmer, Str: Jack Lamph, Cox: Ross Alston, Cch: Adam Harrison, Claudia Roberts

4th Cranbrook - Bow: Declan Quinn, 2: Connor O'Carrigan, 3: Mackenzie Matters, Str: Jack Suriano, Cox: Jack Anderson

5th Prince Alfred - Bow: Alexander Duthy, 2: James Chalk, 3: George Jaensch, Str: James Nicholas, Cox: Henry Lock, Cch: Tom Mason

6th Cranbrook - Bow: Oskar Poole, 2: Josh Kemeny, 3: Jack Smith, Str: George Gibson, Cox: Matthew Abelev

7th Rockhampton Grammar - Bow: Rigardt Kruger, 2: Ben Ramsey, 3: Lawson Storey, Str: Lachlan Becker, Cox: Sam Gray, Cch: Robin Fay

8th Somerset College - Bow: Reuben Mansell, 2: Harrison Plume, 3: Kiun Clucas-Boyes, Str: Alexander Hodges, Cox: Finlay Walton, Cch: Andrew Butler, Andrew Lane


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