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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Under 21 Men's Coxed Four

Final A








Final A

1st Melbourne Uni - Bow: Jack Tivey, 2: Charlie Dixon, 3: Benjamin Strathmore, Str: Harry Fox, Cox: William Bartley, Cch: Edward Monteith

2nd Sydney University - Bow: Joshua David, 2: Daniel Whitehead, 3: Campbell Watts, Str: Thomas Whitehead, Cox: Franc Gourlas, Cch: Richard van Hooydonk, Alistair Matthews

3rd Melbourne Uni - Bow: Michael Goodey, 2: Tom Havea, 3: George Richards, Str: Lachlan Webster, Cox: Sarah Lethlean, Cch: Edward Monteith

4th Banks - Bow: Nicholas Sanders, 2: Jack Kelly, 3: Misha Wilcockson, Str: Callum Nott, Cox: Tobias Benjamin, Cch: David Pincus, Paul McGann

5th Mercantile - Bow: Max Arundell, 2: James O'Malley, 3: Josh Clough, Str: Lachlan Carrier, Cox: Roy Zhang, Cch: David Fraumano

6th Tasmanian University - Bow: Tom Johnston, 2: Nico Reeve, 3: Mitchell Digney, Str: James Cocker, Cox: Alex Hall, Cch: Mark Stott

7th North Esk - Bow: Rohan Fenner, 2: Lachlan McCarron, 3: Brendan Kiely, Str: Oliver Marsden, Cox: Hannah Kilpatrick, Cch: Dion Birtwistle


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