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Australian Rowing History

2014 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Coxed Four

Final A







Final A

1st Adelaide University - Bow: Ned Kinnear, 2: Falco Richardt, 3: Michael Shannon, Str: Matthew Bolt, Cox: Georgia Litt

2nd Sydney - Bow: Bede Clarke, 2: Scott Woodward, 3: Steven Peile, Str: Justin Quigley, Cox: Kendall Brodie, Cch: Tom Morris

3rd Mercantile - Bow: Salvador Henricus, 2: Lachlan McKinnon, 3: Patrick Boomer, Str: Tim Cleary, Cox: Annabelle Orr, Cch: David Fraumano

4th Melbourne Uni - Bow: Stuart Alexander, 2: Gary Butcher, 3: Hamish Rowlands, Str: Tobias Wehr-Candler, Cox: David Webster, Cch: John Michelmore, David England

5th Ana Composite - Bow: Nick Wakeford [WARC], 2: Ben Williams [Fremntl], 3: Peter Holliday [Fremntl], Str: Thomas Nelligan [ANA], Cox: Connor McCombe [ANA], Cch: Jamie Hewlett

6th Black Mountain - Bow: Nicholas Williams, 2: Angus Thornton, 3: Mark Partridge, Str: Ian Mongan, Cox: Renae Domaschenz


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