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Silver Sculls (originally the Champion Sculls, Melbourne Regatta, 1860)


The Silver Sculls were originally the trophy for the senior sculls event at the Melbourne Regatta, which was founded in 1860. The trophy was won outright by Mr W H Tuckett of Banks Rowing Club who won the senior sculls event in 1878, 1879 and 1880. In 1914 the Silver Sculls were presented to Australian Henley by Mr Charles Tuckett, (a brother of Mr W.H. Tuckett), and were used as a perpetual trophy, (to join the Yarra Challenge Cup), for the senior sculling event. In 1994 Mr P T Antonie equalled the record of Mr H J Turner and won the Silver Sculls for the sixth time. Mr Turner viewed this race at Australian Henley as the guest of the Committee. At 1996 Australian Henley, Mr Antonie won for the eighth time and at that regatta was presented by the President of Australian Henley, The Hon Sir James Gobbo, AC, with a replica of the Silver Sculls, commissioned by the Committee of Australian Henley, crafted by Flynn Silver (Kyneton), in recognition of his victories.


A pair of Australian cast silver oars made as scale models of sculling oars of the period. The front of the shafts is decorated by finely punched scrollwork. The blades have a matted surface with a band of contrasting polished surface at the end simulating paintwork. INSCRIPTIONS: Engraved on the shafts are: CHALLENGE SCULLS - FINALLY WON BY W.H.TUCKETT - MELBOURNE REGATTA FEB 21ST 1880. MARKS: Each oar is struck on the shaft with the Maker's Marks used by William Edwards on his early work i.e. between 1859 and 1865).

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