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Henley on Yarra Challenge Cups

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Lord Mayor's Challenge Cup


Presented by Cr WJ Brens, Lord Mayor of Melbourne 1952-3


An EPNS cup of inverted conical shape. supported on a circular base by a round knop, with simple lug handles. The high domed cover is surmounted by a finial of inverted conical form. The emblem of the City of Melbourne in the form of a badge is applied to the front of the bowl. 


The front of the bowl has engraved the inscription - MELBOURNE AMATEUR REGATTA ASSOCIATION - THE LORD MAYOR'S CHALLENGE CUP - for Maiden Eights - Presented by the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor, Cr. W. J. Brens, 1952. On the rear are engraved the names of the winning crews from 1952 onwards.

Reverse view

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