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Henley on Yarra Challenge Cups

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Grand Challenge Cup


At the inaugural meeting of the Association held at "Dunraven", Clendon Road, Toorak, the residence of George Fairbairn, on 6 May 1903, it was agreed that "subscriptions be invited for the purpose of securing Challenge Cups; that the rules be those of the Henley-on-Thames Regatta and that the Cups be a facsimile of those rowed for at Henley."


A two handled urn-shaped sterling silver cup, replicating the Grand Challenge Cup, a perpetual trophy awarded at Henley Royal Regatta and open to all established amateur clubs. 

The whole of the bowl and circular base are decorated by embossing with foliate motifs of reeds and other aquatic plants rising from a stylistic representation of water around the base. The decoration forms cartouches on the front and back of the bowl. 

The bifurcated cast handles are in foliate form and at their lower ends are attached to the bowl above applied cast human marks. The shaped rim of the bowl is applied with a foliate border. 

Within the front cartouche is an embossed inscription - "GRAND CHALLENGE CUP" and in the rear cartouche is embossed the Melbourne Amateur Regatta emblem. 


The hallmarks for Sheffield 1903/4 and the Makers' Mark for Walker & Hall are struck within the rear cartouche.

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