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History of Balmain Working Men's Rowing Club

Pre War

Enterprise Rowing Club Ball 

Balmain - 6th July 1911 

1911 annual ball

Members of the Enterprise Rowing Club and lady guests at the club’s annual ball in 1911

By 1912 the Enterprise Rowing Club had experienced its ups and downs, its fortunes and misfortunes, but now the club was said to be at the high water mark of success. The club had a good membership roll, and its popularity was most fittingly demonstrated by the crowds which patronised the shores at regattas. E.R.C was host to may successful social gatherings in their club house. It is well recorded the club entertained with smoke concerts, dances, singing evenings, musical concerts and of course, there were the annual formal balls held in larger venues. 

Enterprise Rowing Club Champion Eights
N.S.W. Association Regatta 1913 

1913 Enterprise Rowing Club Champion Eights

The winners, Enterprise Rowing Club, rowed a very fine race while they were pushed, and though their rowing was not of the highest class, they were sitting their boat well, and getting great  power on to their work at the high rate their stroke man, H Green, took them away on.  Their rowing right down the course was good, and though they were well ahead they continued to work hard, at about 30 strokes to the minute. Viewed from the umpire’s boat, the work was clean and steady.

The Referee - 10 December 1913

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