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Australian Rowing History

August 2023

This month the site largely spent time filling in gaps in past events. Fortunately, readers continue to send in additions/corrections which are greatly appreciated. Please continue this important work. Whilst the focus was on updating various parts of the site, some important additions were made. 

Kate Elliott continued her prodigious rowing history output with the Begonia City Ladies Rowing Club history. This short lived club merged with Ballarat City Rowing Club with the amalgamation of the men's and women's rowing associations in the late 1970s. It is also a personal story for Kate as through this club, she joined the sport, learnt her rowing craft and even met her husband. Beyond the specific story of this Club, Kate has also provides insights into women's rowing in Ballarat and beyond. Typical of her style, it is thoroughly illustrated with newspaper articles and images to enhance the readers comprehension of the period. It is another important thread in our sport's rich historical tapestry. 

We also have added as a document, the Y Rowing Club 1965–2005 history, an updated history to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the rebirth of the YWCA Rowing Club. This history has been reproduced with the permission of the Club and provides a great insight into the rebirth of the historic YWCA Rowing Club and its evolution into the currently named Y Rowing Club. Not only does it cover the history of this club, but it also provides background to the growth of women's rowing in Victoria. Yet another important historical thread in our rich rowing history.

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