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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

Note: This is an excerpt from another page on this website.
For a more complete history, see the 1933 NSW AAGPS Head of the River.


1933 AAGPS Head of the River–
Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy



6 lengths

3 lengths

1st St. Joseph’s College – Bow: A. Frew, 2: C. Ranshaw, 3: W. Marien, 4: C. Reid, 5: W. Kelly, 6: J. Harley, 7: A. Monnt, Str: C. Ritan, Cox: J. McHugh, Cch: S.S. Williams

2nd Sydney Church of England Grammar School – Bow: G.E. Seagoe, 2: W.G. Thomas, 3: H.F. Waston, 4: J. Creagh, 5: D.G. Dawson, 6: D.I. Baggett, 7: W.L. Buckham, Str: J.R. Burrell, Cox: L.A. Fookley, Cch: L.C. Robson

3rd Sydney Grammar School – Bow: D. Morrison, 2: J.C. Close, 3: G.C. Sharp, 4: D.L. Finlay, 5: C.A. Muller, 6: R.R. Thomson, 7: N.I. Blue, Str: J.A. Watson, Cox: J.G. Edwards, Cch: A.N. Finlay

4th Sydney High School – Bow: A. Ross, 2: R. Fleming, 3: D. Jackson, 4: M. Wood, 5: R. Clark, 6: A. Munter, 7: S. Coleman, Str: W. King, Cox: J. Farren, Cch: G. Hancock

The Herald described the race as follows: "St. Joseph's College and S.C.E.G.S. appeared to get the most out of the first twelve strokes. Before reaching Blaxland's Beacon, Shore had taken the lead. After turning, Joey's headed Grammar and came up on the leader, but Shore had increased the rating and had drawn away before Bottle Point was reached. At this point it lead from Joey's by almost a length, while High had improved its position and was level with Joey's, with Grammar a quarter of a length behind. Shore and St. Joseph's were still separated by half a length when Tennyson Wharf was passed. Nearing the finish, only a few feet separated the pair, but Shore, with a great effort moved away again. Both crews increased the rating to 36 in the final sprint for the finish, but St. Joseph's greater weight gave them the victory in a hard-fought race." 

Sydney High School

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