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Australian Rowing History

2001 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Quadruple Scull

Final A






Final A

1st Lindisfarne - Bow: Scott Brennan, 2: Randall Baker, 3: Brendan Long, Str: Tom Edwards, Cch: Sam Le Compte

2nd UTS/St George - Bow: Anthony Lee, 2: Richard Roach, 3: Tom Chapman, Str: Finghin Murray, Cch: Tim McLaren, Greg Howell

3rd MUBC/Barwon - Bow: John Colley, 2: Peter Moore, 3: Jono Stone, Str: Alex Danne, Cch: Peter Antonie, Frank Stone

4th Sydney/Mosman - Bow: Michael Irvine, 2: Matthew Cordrey, 3: Anthony Kearns, Str: Peter Anderson, Cch: Phil Cayzer, Bruce Evans

5th UQBC Composite - Bow: Rob Mill, 2: Jason Scally, 3: Anthony Dixon, Str: Peter Wiseman


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