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Australian Rowing History

1998 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Women's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st Sydney/Mosman/Nepean - Bow: Deidre Coates, 2: Megan Russell, 3: Jasmin Colley, Str: Kristina Larson, Cch: Debbie Fox, Lindsay Callaghan

2nd Wedouree/Yarra Yarra - Bow: Jenny McPherson, 2: Amy Pearce, 3: Emily Martin, Str: Rebecca O’Loughlin

3rd MUBC - Bow: Hillary Poole, 2: Meike Boynton, 3: Cate Oliver, Str: Charlotte Coote, Cch: Brenton Terrell, Craig Adrians

4th Commercial/UQBC/Canberra - Bow: Sally Creswell, 2: Cathy Holden, 3: Kate MacLeod, Str: Jane Lawson, Cch: Robin Fay, Robyn Grey-Gardiner

5th Corio Bay - Bow: Megan Edgington, 2: Alison Love, 3: Amanda Haynes, Str: Brooke Penning, Cch: Stuart Wilson


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