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Australian Rowing History

1996 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Coxed Four

Final A









Final A

1st Essendon - Bow: Erin Smart, 2: Clare Lehner, 3: Alina Hoyne, Str: Lauren Jovi, Cox: Natalie Sentry, Cch: Bill Nugent

2nd Commercial - Bow: Veronica Lee, 2: Zoe Young, 3: Kate Patterson, Str: Cathy Holden, Cox: Veronica Martin, Cch: Zoltan Shepard, S Kerin

3rd UQBC - Bow: Victoria Neale, 2: Davina Cox, 3: Amy Noble, Str: Chelsea, Cox: Margot Robinson, Cch: Chris Grummitt

4th Toowong - Bow: Naomi Searle, 2: Neely Parmenter, 3: Bonnie Shaw, Str: Helen Wregg, Cox: Jacqueline Driver, Cch: Jonathon Sargeant

5th Nepean - Bow: Emma Ulrich, 2: Kate Morphett, 3: Danielle Lindsay, Str: Kally Matthews, Cox: Josh Grace, Cch: A Derks, T Baskett

6th Sandy Bay/New Norfolk - Bow: Tameka Painting, 2: Emily Grundgeiger, 3: Lisa King, Str: Jo Aldridge, Cox: Catherine Thomas, Cch: Glenn Hay

7th Maclean/Grafton - Bow: Juanita Gray, 2: Bianca Durham, 3: Demelsa Lollback, Str: Hannah Foster, Cox: Shane Everson, Cch: Everson, Maughan, Gray

8th Rockhampton - Bow: Arlie Douglas, 2: Kellie Roberts, 3: Felicity Crowley, Str: Katie Bell, Cox: Trudie Thomas, Cch: Frank Hick


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