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Australian Rowing History

2022 National Rowing Championships–
Club Womens Coxed Eight







1st Mercantile - T. Barbayannis, H. Waring, L. Carr, J. Hawker, B. Zmak, X. Hadfield, R. McKay, H. Paterson, c: J. Hester

2nd Sydney University - G. Livingstone, T. Botha, C. Proutt, S. Preller, O. Nattey, A. Fikkers, A. O'Brien, E. Cassin, c: E. Bolster

3rd Melbourne University - C. Kamenev, L. Rosaia, G. Mortimore, Z. Lavery, C. Cooper, M. Cartwright, C. Will, I. Bufe, c: E. Coghlan

4th Sydney - L. Scammell, E. Huber, L. Sypher, N. Graham, L. Moran, S. Miller, E. Dunlop, F. Neville, c: M. Jones


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