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Australian Rowing History

2021 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Schoolboy's Coxed Eight

Final A









Final A

1st Wesley College VIC - Quentin Marchiori, Max Guthrie, Jeffrey Jiang, Leo Bakhache, Nicholas Bryant, Lachlan Idle, Charlie Johnston, Amos Kirk, Cox: Josh Feferkranz, Coach: Zachary Smith

2nd St Augustines NSW - Cody Murphy, Cody Kearney, Tane Potts, Tom Magee, Oscar St Pierre, Doogal McKenzie, Jacob Hickey, Joe Lynch, Cox: Lachlan King, Coach: Bjarne Ungemach

3rd Xavier College - William McNamara, Lachlan Stewart, Edward Andrew, Will Allen, James Power, Cormac O'Callaghan, Lachie Severn, Patrick Croagh, Cox: Daniel Stary, Coaches: Sean Lake, Daniel Brighthope

4th Melbourne Grammar - Henry Sibly, Harry Dudley, Jack Anderson, Digby Bankes, George Raymond, Lachlan Perrett, Sam Henderson, Daniel Cash, Cox: Lucien Marcel, Coach: Timothy Poulter

5th Scotch Oakburn - Cameron Auton, Lucien James-Wever, Hamish Fyffe, Rupert MacKenzie, James Bamford, Sven Stopford, Sam Brown, Matthew Russell, Cox: Mitchell Fulton, Coaches: Maclean Cameron, Mark Bonham

6th Scotch College VIC - Cooper Lord, Campbell Findlay, Matthew Mayes, Henri Lempriere, Alessandro Marro, Benjamin Marchant, Josh Mitchell, Will Cowan, Cox: Jonathan Harper

7th Launceston Grammar - John Gray, Finn Billing, Gabriel Collette, Thomas Carins, Ted Peck, Mac Mitchell, Ned Adkins, Keanu Glynn, Cox: Hugo Barrenger, Coach: William Adkins

8th Pulteney Grammar - Kalan Tait, Mackenzie Barr, Nicholas Livesey, Charlie Tang, Ross Koutsounis, Jacob McGinley, Otto Jarman, Ethan Menadue, Cox: Nicholas Restas, Coaches: Antony Patterson, William Foster-Hall


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