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Australian Rowing History

2020 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Coxless Four

Event cancelled - no results

Crews entered were:

Adelaide RC Composite - James Price[ADEL], Ross Hamilton[ADLUN], William Smith[ADLUN], Jack Deans[ADEL], Coach: Brenton Terrell, Will Maling

Banks - Harry Cathcart, James Meads, Angus Thornton, James Crouch, Coach: William Raven

Commercial Composite - Benjamin Canham[MERC], Alexander Wolf*[MERC], Kane Grant*[MERC], Adam Bakker[COMM], Coach: Nicholas Mitchell

Mercantile Composite - Angus Widdicombe[MERC], Joshua Booth[MUBC], Tim Masters[UTS], Liam Donald[MERC]

Swan River Composite - James McQuillan[FRC], Josh Senzio[FRC], Peter Holliday[FRC], Myles McQuillan[SRRC], Coach: Tom Gatti, Mark Beer

Sydney RC Composite - Jack O'Brien[SUBC], Nicholas Purnell[SUBC], Simon Keenan[MUBC], Sam Hardy[SRC]

Sydney University Composite - Alexander Hill[ADEL], Jack Hargreaves[SUBC], Spencer Turrin[SRC], Alex Purnell[SUBC]


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