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Australian Rowing History

2019 National Rowing Championships–
Club Women's Coxless Four

Final A








Final A

1st Sydney University - Bow: Portia Gaitskell, 2: Sophie Houston, 3: Danielle Stuart, Str: Sarah Parsons, Coach: Alfie Young

2nd Adelaide - Bow: Anna Collins, 2: Gill Crowe, 3: Mieka Webb, Str: Aine Seed, Coaches: Catherine McDougall, Daren Potts, Ron Mobbs

3rd Melbourne University - Bow: Bea Klein-van Mullekom, 2: Peta Rak, 3: Samantha Beveridge, Str: Justine Tonner-Joyce, Coach: Nicholas Stephenson

4th Buckingham - Bow: Courtney Blyth, 2: Julie Janssens, 3: Abbie Crow, Str: Christie Crow, 

5th Uts - Bow: Rosie Beasley, 2: Olivia Bartram, 3: Adelaide Guinness, Str: Monique Heinke, Coaches: David Gely, Hally Chapman, Alex Field

6th Anu - Bow: Adair Ferguson, 2: Kerry Knowler, 3: Selina Rowland, Str: Dearne Grant, Coach: Nigel Harding

7th Anu - Bow: Rachel Kilo, 2: Jacqueline Williams, 3: Sarah Edwards, Str: Emily Caudle, Coaches: Nick Hunter, Nigel Harding

Scratched Sydney - Bow: Mia Thomas, 2: Kirstyn Luton, 3: Brianna Caputo, Str: Lauren Lyon, Coaches: Lachlan Carter, Donovan Cech


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