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Australian Rowing History

2019 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Quadruple Scull

Final A








Final A

1st Sydney Composite - Bow: Elizabeth O'Callaghan [SRRC], 2: Clare Netherway [UWABC], 3: Grace Sypher [ROCKG], Str: Ella Hudson [SRC], Coaches: Lachlan Carter, Robin Fay, Donovan Cech

2nd Kinross Wolaroi - Bow: Isabella Scammell, 2: Lucy Jenkins, 3: Bridget Yeomans, Str: Freya Neville, Coach: Sarah Cook

3rd Loreto Normanhurst Composite - Bow: Sarah Fahd [DRC], 2: Laura Gourley [LOR-N], 3: Laura Wunderlich [UTS], Str: Lucy Illek [LOR-N], Coaches: Matthew Curtin, Robyn Mackney, Hally Chapman

4th Capital Lakes/Radford-Act - Bow: Elisabeth Gregory [RADF], 2: Jacinta Buckman [RADF], 3: Cara Brugeaud [CLRC], Str: Aisling Doyle [CLRC], Coaches: Renae Domaschenz, Vicky Spencer, Erin Nurre

5th Rockhampton Grammar Composite - Bow: Sophie Scott [MELB], 2: Abbie Kozlowska [UWABC], 3: Elizabeth Carter [NEWGR], Str: Keeley Dunne [ROCKG], Coaches: Donovan Cech, David Ochert, Lachlan Carter

6th Tasmania University - Bow: Sophie Robinson, 2: Amy Bain, 3: Summer Carpenter, Str: Abbey Boutcher, Coach: Mark Stott

7th Commercial - Bow: Eloise Young, 2: Claire Saggers, 3: Bronte Cathcart, Str: Isabelle Townsend, Coach: John McGuinness

Scratched St Hilda'S Qld - Bow: Amy Taylor, 2: Mia Field, 3: Sophie Coleman, Str: Phoebe Noort, 


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