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Australian Rowing History

2019 National Rowing Championships–
Club Men's Coxless Four

Final A









Final A

1st Mercantile - Bow: Carl Tomczak, 2: Jack Kelly, 3: James Hoban, Str: Angus Maloney, Coach: David Pincus

2nd Melbourne University-Vis - Bow: Jack Thornton, 2: Hamish Rowlands, 3: Sam Morrison, Str: Jonothan Hookway, Coach: Michael Poulter

3rd Sydney - Bow: Max Brenner, 2: Thomas Galloway, 3: Oscar Carr-Middleton, Str: Oscar Olsen, Coaches: Franz Imfeld, Donovan Cech

4th Tasmania University - Bow: James Cocker, 2: Sam Hall, 3: Tom Cox, Str: Shaun Finlayson, Coach: Mark Stott

5th Uts - Bow: Joe Ronaldson, 2: Weston Gordon, 3: Diarmuid O'Driscoll, Str: James Hunt, Coaches: Hally Chapman, Alex Field, David Gely

6th Swan River - Bow: Hugo Nerud, 2: Ryan Povey, 3: Riley King, Str: Hayden Coote, Coaches: Mark Beer, Neville Kempton

7th Banks - Bow: Ben Chong-Halliday, 2: Henry Jarvis, 3: Michael Wicks, Str: Andrew Krause, Coaches: William Raven, David Favre

8th Melbourne University - Bow: Max Dunlap, 2: James Innes Ker, 3: Max Hanbury-Senior, Str: Blair Nuske, Coach: Michael Poulter


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