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Australian Rowing History

2018 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Lightweight Women's Quad Scull

Final A





Final A

1st Sydney Uni Comp.-NSWIS/Sasi - Bow: Rosie Beasley [UTS], 2: Georgina Masters [UTS], 3: Verayna Zilm [ADEL], Str: Wallis Russell [SUBC], Cch: Alfie Young, David Gely, Jason Lane

2nd ANU-ACT - Bow: Sarah Larkin, 2: Jessica Brady, 3: Bianca Gillett, Str: Jilly Roberts, Cch: Renae Domaschenz

3rd University Of Wa Composite - Bow: Michaela Franz [SUBC], 2: Sophia Nery [ADEL], 3: Lizzie Treloar [SUBC], Str: Alexandra Utley [UWABC], Cch: Debbie Fox, Ron Mobbs, Brenton Terrell

4th University Of Queensland-QAS - Bow: Zoe Alcorn, 2: Toni Johnson, 3: Madeleine Williams, Str: Portia Bennett, Cch: Michael Russell, Benjamin Southwell


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